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Time Table
ESE(MAIN/ATKT)-Winter 2017-18 Time Table
1M.Com. Sem I,III                    Download/View
2P.G.D.C.A Sem I                           Download/View
3B.C.A. Sem I,III,V                    Download/View
4B.Com. Sem I,III,V                    Download/View
5B.A. Sem I,III,V                    Download/View
6B.Sc. Sem I,III,V                    Download/View
7B.Sc.-B.Ed. & B.A.-B.Ed. Sem I                    Download/View
CIA-I 2017-18 Time Table
1P.G. Diploma in Yog Therapy                    Download/View
CIA-II 2017-18 Time Table
1M.A.(SOCI,POL SCI,URDU) Semester IDownload/View
2M.B.A. Semester IDownload/View
3M.Sc.(BOTANY,ZOOLOGY) Semester IDownload/View
4B.A./B.A.-B.Ed. Semester IDownload/View
5B.A. Semester IIIDownload/View
6B.A. Semester VDownload/View
7B.Com. Semester IDownload/View
8B.Com. Semester IIIDownload/View
9B.Com. Semester VDownload/View
10B.Sc./B.Sc.-B.Ed. Semester IDownload/View
11B.Sc. Semester IIIDownload/View
12B.Sc. Semester VDownload/View
13B.C.A. Semester IDownload/View
14B.C.A. Semester IIIDownload/View
15B.C.A. Semester VDownload/View
16B.Tech(Civil). Semester IDownload/View
17B.Tech(Civil). Semester IIIDownload/View
18B.Tech(Petrochemical). Semester IDownload/View
19B.Tech(Computer Science). Semester IIIDownload/View
20Diploma in Engg(Civil). Semester IDownload/View
21Diploma in Engg(Civil). Semester IIIDownload/View
22M.Com. Semester IDownload/View
23M.Com. Semester IIIDownload/View
Time Table
1B.Sc. Part II(ATKT)(Theory)Download/View
2Master of Public Health Semester II(ATKT)(Practical)Download/View
3B.Com. Part III(ATKT)Download/View
4Master of Public Health Semester II(ATKT)(Theory)Download/View
5B.A. Part III(ATKT)Download/View
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